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Customer Testimonials

     "Linda at Just Fur Now Kennels has looked after our Bernese Mountain Dog, Aspen, several times now.  Aspen loves going to the kennels and I swear every time we pull into Linda's yard we pass her as she walks the dogs, so I know Aspen is not neglected.  The building she has for the dogs is always very clean and well kept.   The prices are very reasonable and Linda has always been fair and flexible with us for pick up and drop offs."

Geoff E

     "Our girl is a 9 year old, quirky cocker spaniel who does not appreciate too much deviation from routine and does not often get along with other dogs. Yet when she arrives at Just Fur Now Kennels and is greeted by Linda and the resident dogs, her little stump of a tail indicates her approval .  She settles into her spot quite happily and we leave feeling good about it.

We are so fortunate to have Linda`s kennel in our community.  We appreciate the cleanliness of the kennel, the beautiful surroundings, her flexibility and most of all the specialized attention she gives to each of her guests - exercising, administering meds when requested and ensuring that the dogs are comfortable and well cared for.  LInda`s background and experience as a vet assistant and musher are evident and valued.

For years we relied on Shetoby to kennel Molly when we travelled.  After they retired, we were unable to find a kennel with which we were comfortable, so our travel was limited to road trips that included Molly.  Linda has afforded us the peace of mind to expand our travel, knowing that while we are away,  Molly is in the very best home away from home Just Fur Now."

Leona W and Diana S



  "We have been taking our dogs to Linda for quite some time now and not a time has gone by where they haven't started to whimper and jump in excitement the moment we turn into her driveway.  Linda is always easy to get a hold of,  quick to reply and keeps you up to date on anything important you may need to know.  Her new facility is always clean and ready to go when we arrive and she treats our dogs  just like her own beloved pets.  I would highly recommend taking your dogs to Just Fur Now Kennels!"

Vanessa M

     "I have been taking Penny to Just Fur Now Kennels since she was a puppy!  Linda has been so flexible with my busy schedule and goes above and beyond to make sure that I am able to drop off and pick up as needed.  Linda always makes sure that Penny gets lots of exercise and play time while visiting and the kennels are always clean and well kept.  I am very thankful to be able to know that my dog is safe, comfortable and happy while I am away.  Thank you."

Karley S

Customer Testimonials

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Linda, you're amazing.  My little Yorkie, Walter loves you.  He spent a few days with you in July and when we drove into your yard for Thanksgiving holidays, the little turkey was actually grinning.  I think you my have played more with Walter than I would have.  Thanks for making his "holiday" so enjoyable.  Every dog I've seen there is happy!  Your love of dogs is so apparent, the care you give is second to none, and your kennel is spotless.  You're #1 in my books!

Connie H

Linda... Just wanted to thank you for taking care of Parker on two occasions this summer.  It was obvious observing him when we dropped him off and picked him up that he really enjoyed the time he spent at Just Fur Now Kennels.  We know he has some special needs and we were very pleased with the care you provided him.  It was evident he liked you because of the excitement he displayed whenever he was around you.  Thanks so much for your kindness.

Grant, Liz and Parker "The Pooch"

"We can't say thank you enough to Linda for the care and affection our dogs experienced. Linda truly is a 'dog whisperer'!!! Jessie and Annie are three year old border collies who have had little exposure to other dogs.  They are absolutely devoted to my husband.  We were so worried that they would find a kennel experience traumatic.  Because Linda truly loves each one of her 'children', the girls adjusted quickly, made new friends, and were happy and content.  They were excited to see us but had to get a last hug from Linda.  Great place!!!!

Brian D & Jane P